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Spanish Nymphing

Spanish Nymphing
Spanish Nymphing is a long leader, longer presentation style of European Nymphing.  More similar to French Nymphing than Polish or Czech Nymphing, Spanish Nymphing relies on long rods and long leaders.
Similar to other European Nymphing techniques, Spanish Nymphing typically relies on lob cast (due to the weight of the flies) and an upstream presentation.  Since longer casts are used, instead of leading the fly through its drift with your rod, you will actually need to retrieve your line as the flies approach.  This can be done by stripping, but a figure eight retrieve is more effective.
Spanish Nymphing is not so much of a tight line technique as other European styles, instead you adjust the height of your rod and angle of your leader entering the water to control the drift.  Your leader should have a slight curve to it instead of being completely taught.  Think of it like walking a dog on a loose leash as opposed to one that is pulling at the end.
Spanish Nymphing uses long (15-30 foot) tapered leaders with sighters built into them.  The sighter is placed between the main leader and the tippet, and the tippet length should be between 1 1/2 to 2 times the depth of the water you are fishing depending on the speed of the current (so in a 4' deep pool with slow current you would want a 6' tippet, but in a fast current you would want an 8' tippet).  The idea is to have the sighter just above the water's surface.
With the long leaders and casts that are relatively long for European Nymphing (up to 40' casts), a longer rod is a valuable asset.  Increased line control and added reach will make your job much easier.
Spanish Nymphing typically uses 2-3 flies, with a heavy fly at the bottom.  Traditional Czech Nymphs are often used, however as with all styles you can match whatever insects are in your river, and the weight of your flies is critical.  If you have a favorite pattern be sure to carry it in different weights (a heavy, medium, and light), and tungsten bead flies are popular choices.
Tunghead Polish Woven Nymph
This is just a brief introduction to Spanish Nymphing.  For more detailed information on European Nymphing techniques check out some of the books and DVDs that are available.
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