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Hair & Fur

Deer, Elk, & Moose
Deer Belly, Yearling Elk, Coastal Deer, Comparadun Hair, and more.
Rabbit & Hare
Hare's Masks, Rabbit Strips, Snowshoe Hare Feet (not just for good luck anymore)...
Squirrel & Fox
Squirrel Tails, Squirrel Skin, Arctic Fox...
Miscellaneous Small Mammals
Not neccesarilly pocket sized, but if it is a smaller animal and doesn't fit in one of the other categories you will find it here.
Miscellaneous Large Mammals
Is it bigger than a labradoodle? Is it furry or hairy? If so this is where you will find it.
Squirrel Tails, Buck Tails, Calf Tails...also found in other categories but grouped together here for your convenience. (fish tales not included)
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