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Fly Tying Feathers

Strung Hackle, Saddle Hackle, Schlappen, Neck Hackle...
Strung Marabou, Barred Marabou, Bugger Marabou, Blood Quill Marabou...
CDC & Waterfowl
CDC, Duck Quills, Goose Biots, Goose Shoulder,
Peacock & Pheasant
Peacock Herl, Peacock Swords, Peacock Eyes, Pheasant Tails, Golden Pheasant...
Turkey Biots, Turkey Flats, Turkey Quills, Mottled many more options than just light or dark meat.
Grouse & Partridge
Skins and loose feathers, the small birds so perfect for soft hackles and more.
Miscellaneous Feathers
The home for all the feathers that didn't fit neatly into one of the other categories. Emu, Ostrich, Guinea and more.
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